Welcome to Rochester Shaolin Training Academy -

Throughout the generations people have gone to the Shaolin Temple to learn the sacred arts from the monks within. Very few were admitted and even fewer were given the opportunity to train in the various styles of Chinese martial arts. One of the most sought after styles originating from Shaolin is Praying Mantis. Wong Long, a expert martial artist, used the best movements from 17 martial styles found at the Shaolin temple and combined them with the fighting prowess of the praying mantis and thus is known as the founder of Northern Praying Mantis. Sheng Xiao, a traveling martial artist, was one of the first known masters to leave the Shaolin Temple with this rare style and to begin the passing on of its techniques from generation to generation.

Who we are -

Here at Rochester Shaolin Training Academy we specialize in Seven Star Praying Mantis, brought to us from Master Wong Long. Head instructor Sifu Brian Bateman has a long history with this style of kung fu and has been tought by many of the great masters of our time. Currently, Sifu Bateman is a student of Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing, 7th generation disciple of Seven Star Praying Mantis.

What we do -

Students of all ages train at our school for self defense, martial knowledge, discipline, and much more! We pride ourselves as being one of the only schools in this region that trains traditional chinese martial arts, as well as passes on the ancient customs and traditions so our students are knowledgable about the history of our art. Seven Star Praying Mantis training, Qi Gong conditioning, Qi Sau training, and Chinese Lion Dance are all programs that are taught to our students.

Our children's classes are some of the most highly attended, where they learn discipline and control at the forefront of their training.

Rochester Shaolin Training Academy provides martial instruction that is a rarity in today's age. A traditional format with strong lineage ties sets us apart from other schools.

If you are interested in our school or would like to begin training, please contact us at (585) 329-1120.