This photo depicts a praying mantis catching a cicada. It was a similar encounter four centuries ago that inspired Wong Long, a Shaolin Monk, to develop the Praying Mantis Style. Praying Mantis Catches the Cicada, which mimics this action, is one of the signature hand postures of the 7 Star Praying Mantis System

Traditional Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Offering separate classes for children and adults, we formally train in the Seven Star Praying Mantis system, a style of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu created by Master Wong Long in the 16th century.

The style builds on the fighting skills Wong Long learned as a Shaolin monk, incorporating the fierce, lightening-fast  predatory style of the praying mantis and the extremely efficient footwork of the monkey – both of which he observed while training.

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Kung Fu Based Fitness

Qi Gong

In addition to Traditional Kung Fu, we offer fitness classes based on martial arts with a focus on building strength, stamina and confidence for a full body and spirit workout.

We currently offer classes for Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Core Conditioning, as well as Qigong – the perfect complement to physical excercise that helps to reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system.

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Kids Kung Fu

Little Warriors

Our kids Kung Fu classes are for kids of all ages and abilities. We work them as a group and one on one to teach them all the techniques and forms of Shaolin Kung Fu. They learn respect and discipline and come away with strength and confidence.

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